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This is a real no-brainer method of making money on the net , and requires very little skill. American companies spend millions of dollars each year on consumer opinion , and you can have a share of that money through paid survey programs. You simply fill in surveys , and get paid DOLLARS. Which is nice.

You get paid between $5 and $25 per survey taken , and there are plenty for you to do. Personally , I can use my internet time more productively , but if you are a complete novice this is certainly for you. Taking paid surveys is one of the easiest way to earn money online.

Earning around R2000 - R4000 per month doing this is not particularly difficult.

The paid survey market is a maze , however , and you will need some straightforward guidance on this method. Not all survey sites are suitable for South Africans.

For taking surveys, I recommend you sign up here.  Ok , it is about R250 for the signup fee , but it will save you heaps of time getting yourself up and running , and cuts out having to find the right paid survey affiliate to deal with , and you will get back that money with paid surveys within a day or two.  I made some reasonable money with this method , but moved on to more advanced and profitable methods.

South Africans are paid in US dollar checks , and they take some time ( 2 weeks ) to clear. However , I endorse these guys as I have been paid by them myself.

Note that its not quite as easy as they make it out to be. You can't just pump out a survey in 5 minutes and earn $5. It will take you at least 20 min on any given survey. Longer surveys take more time , but usually they pay out more. Take a couple and you will start to get an idea of your earnings per hour of work.

Also , don't try to cheat. These guys kick out a lot of people who just want to get paid for nothing. Answer the questions honestly , provide insight and detail , and generally provide the valuable information that the companies handing out these surveys require. If you do this ,  you will generally be offered more surveys and better paid surveys to do as time goes on.

Click here to sign up and earn with paid surveys


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